To My Mommy’s Best Friend

I know back then

You did what you thought was right

Helping mommy through that crisis pregnancy

When she didn’t think she wanted me

And she cried day and night


As years have gone by

Mommy came to grips

At my life she had let

Slip through her finger tips


She forgives you for

The part you played

In driving her to the clinic

Where in the waiting room you stayed


The pain & silence of her loss

Went on for many years

But you were there to comfort her

Through many of her tears


I must let you know

That I forgive you too

You see, Jesus explained to me

That you did what you thought you had to do

And at the time it seemed right

But now that you know better

I hope for others like me you will fight

Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock - April 2009