Dear Mr. President
Boys and girls look up to you
And your daughters I’m sure they do too
 I would have if I’d been given the chance
But you see Mr. President I wasn’t
My life was taken in a moments glance
I was there in my mommy’s womb
Just like your daughter’s before they were born
But because of this thing called “choice”
Some of us get to live
And others to pieces are torn
You see Mr. President God created me
The same as he created you
Why is it you got to live
But to save my life
 There’s nothing I could do?
My heart beat the same as your daughter’s did
After those first 21 days
Only my heart beat came to a brutal end
In so many ways
Dear Mr. President
You could make the difference
In whether we live or die
We are little boys and girls
Who want to look up to you too
But Please Mr. President
Give us a reason why
Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock - April 2009