Dear Teacher

No one can hear me

Because I am so small

But boys and girls hear you

As you do your roll call


If things could have been different

 I would have been in your class

I would have been your helper

I’d run errands for you with a teachers pass


I’m the little boy

Who would sit in the desk

Second row third from the back

If only I had been born

My name would be Jimmy Jack


Only you and all my friends

Would call me JJ

And on every sunny day

I would beg you to let us

 Go out and play


But Dear Teacher

Things weren’t different

And I’m not in your class

I didn’t get to be your helper

Or carry the teachers pass


I’m not that little boy

I didn’t get to sit in the desk

I didn’t even get a name

Not Jimmy Jack or even JJ

And no I didn’t even get

To play just one sunny day

Written & copyrighted by Tina C. Brock - 2009