Dear Mr. Abortionist
I may be missing a finger or a toe
I may not be completely whole
But I am exactly as God would have me be
Especially with my heart and soul
You see, I can feel the pain
The same as you
Only you may be able to stop yours
But there is nothing I can do
Dear Mr. Abortionist This may be hard for you to hear
But to God, He made us and holds us very dear
When you do your job
Taking my life
Cutting my body to pieces
With that very sharp knife
I do feel the pain as each part of me I loose
Wouldn’t you feel the pain Mr. Abortionist
If you were in my shoes?
I am sure you try not to think about it
When you are crushing my skull
After all you’re just doing your job
Making sure you leave my mommy’s womb
Empty, void and null
Dear Mr. Abortionist
Can you find it in your heart
To change your profession
And not tear our bodies apart?
Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock
Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. Deuteronomy 27:25