My Life in Mommy’s Womb
My 1st Month of Life
I have my own set of DNA
God has already decided if I will be a boy or a girl
But Mommy & Daddy won’t know until later
My eyes have begun to develop
 By the third week my heart begins to beat
My arm & leg buds start to appear
I am about ¼ inch long
My 2nd Month of Life
I begin to move & I respond to touch
My brain waves can be recorded
My muscles work together
My ears, eyelids, nose & lips can all be seen
My fingers & toes are defined
All my organs are present & functioning
I am about 1 ¼ inches long
My 3rd Month of Life
I can suck my thumb
I can grab things with my hands
I hiccup sometimes which mommy will feel later
I move & I jump around a lot
I can hear & feel pain
And I am about 3 inches long
My 4th Month of Life
Mommy can feel me moving
I can taste things now
Fine hair is growing on my body & my head
You can see me make facial expressions
Sometimes I smile & yawn
By seventeen weeks I am 9 inches long
My 5th Month of Life
My hiccups are driving mommy crazy
My fingernails & toenails are present
I weigh about 1 lb
And I am about a foot long
This month is the half way mark for me in mommy’s womb
But if I had to be born now I could survive
 My 6th Month of Life
I like tasting all the different foods that mommy eats
I don’t have as much room to move around
But I can roll over
And sometimes I don't mean to
But I kick mommy really hard
My 7th Month of Life
I enjoy it here in mommy's womb
I use my senses
I look around
I taste, touch & listen
I weigh about 3 lbs.
My 8th Month of Life
My skin begins to thicken
My lungs continue to mature
I love to hear my Mommy & Daddy’s voices
I am getting bigger & gaining more weight
My 9th Month of Life
My lungs are fully developed
I weigh between 7 and 8 lbs
And I am about 20 inches long
I am turning in my mommy’s womb
To prepare for the big day
My Birthday