Dear Sis

I just wanted to know you more

On our favorite birthdays

You would turn 10

And I would turn 4


On our school days

 We would walk down the driveway

To the school bus

I wouldn’t be scared or worry

Because I knew you would be there

 To watch over us


 As the years would go by

 We would pick on each other

And make each other cry

But that would be ok

Because that is just what sisters do

Then I would give you a big hug

And you would give me one too


You see, God made me to be your baby sister

But sis I never got the chance

Because Mom made a choice

Based on her circumstance


No one may ever know

That I was even there

Cause when mom told dad

He left and didn’t even care


Dear sis, will you look out for mom

And make sure she is ok

Be sure to let her know

I still love her in every way

Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock - 2009