Dear Big Brother

You have turned out to be

 Quite a young man

Helping others any time you can

I wished you could have helped me

But there was nothing you could have done

You see Big Brother

You didn’t know about me then

I was going to be mom’s second born son

Your little brother I would have been


We would have done

 Many things together

Played ball, gone fishing,

 Went barefoot in puddles

During the rainy weather

But not any of that

 We got to do

Instead Mama just wanted

 To focus on you


It is ok with me though

Because I am in heaven

I just wanted you to know

Today would have been my birthday

And I would have turned seven


Sometimes if you see Mama cry

Just know that I am the reason why

Please Big Brother

Give her a hug and let her know

I forgive her & still I love her so

Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock - April 2009