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Stephanie Nichelle Adair   stepday814@gmail.com
06-28-2022 3:27:20 PM CST
You are a warrior Bride in the army of the Lord Thank you for yeilding to the call blessings

Bob   bclaytor@bellsouth.net
01-25-2018 4:58:10 PM CST
So much for coming to our churches in the Cannon circuit. We enjoyed your presentation and also having you in person very much we are praying for your ministry and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you further.

09-28-2017 11:42:21 PM CST
Thank you so much Tammy! I am just thankful that God loves and forgives us! I definitely couldn't imagine my life without Him and I really thank Him for instilling in me a boldness to help others. Love you!

Tammy Prater   tprater92@gmail.com
09-07-2017 4:35:44 PM CST
I'm so glad you allowed the Lord to use you in this manner. It takes a lot of courage to allow Him to use you. May He continue to bless you and your family.

Will Mosley
03-09-2015 9:32:03 AM CST
It is a wo der full and needed this g that you are doing, so many people need the assistance that you help provide... the sad part is, they don't know they need it. God bless and keep you to continue your work.

05-23-2013 10:30:35 PM CST
Thank you Erika! You are a blessing to me and the Ministry!

05-23-2013 10:52:47 AM CST
You are truly a giver with a heart as big as Texas!!! So many lives you have already touched and saved. Thank you for letting me be a part of the ministry

02-08-2013 10:53:57 PM CST
Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Kim! And thank you for visiting Whispers from the Womb!

Kim   l8r_g8r@comcast.net
02-08-2013 3:01:33 PM CST
Wounds He Longs to Bind If she wants it, it’s a baby over whom she will naturally rejoice If not, she is prompted to assert it’s worthless tissue and to lament, “My body, my choice” The money hungry industry is more than happy to oblige the second, a lie - Reducing the expectant mother to a mere host and the baby, a parasite Forty years has taken a catastrophic toll The death of well over 50 million blameless souls The tragedy reaches beyond the lives that have been lost Parents are rarely forewarned of the physical risks and emotional cost Far too many have now been left in the dreadful wake Realizing human life within the womb was not theirs to take - Would have been mothers and fathers with excruciating stories to tell Former doctors and clinic workers testify to an inescapable hell We can indisputably now see far more Than past technology permitted before Evidence of what His Word eternally proclaims - We are fearfully and wonderfully made Knit together in the womb by His very hand Whether intentional on our part or unplanned Each little one with inherent value from the moment of conception Denial of truth is forever the Enemy’s deception Science affirms a unique and separate human being right from the start A complete genetic package in tact, gender determined and at merely 18 days - the flutter of a heart A tiny but rapidly growing precious life - an authentic miracle, pure perfection In need only of the selfless gifts of time and protection Deep down we instinctively know it all to be true God and nature both declare and reveal intrinsic value If at one time you were blind but you now comprehend Know you are beloved and your heart Christ desires to mend If overwhelmed with a circumstance you feel impossible to face Jesus beckons you to trust in Him and lean into His grace He alone can masterfully weave a lovely outcome from what immediately seems grim By granting the merciful gifts of time and redemption to those who would allow Him

05-07-2012 10:55:44 PM CST

Thank you God for a beautiful day & this beautiful new gift of life... my grand baby "Judd"... Born today May 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm. weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. & 21.5 inches in length!

04-23-2012 10:08:54 PM CST
I just want to say thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments! I pray God will continue to use Whispers From The Womb to save babies and change lives!

04-23-2012 10:02:57 PM CST
Hi Susana, Thanks so much! You can order by sending check or money order to my address or you can pay by paypal if you have a paypal account.

04-20-2012 12:15:24 PM CST

Hi Tina, BEAUTIFUL POEMS! GOD BLESS YOU! how can I have the white hat?

Lyle Howe   greenriverlyle@ilovejesus.net
04-13-2012 7:06:42 PM CST

JUst received my t-shirt, key ring and second hat, They are wonderful, I love them, God bless and thanks for your heart and wide open eyes to all that's true!

Lyle Howe   greenriverlyle@ilovejesus.net
04-02-2012 6:29:34 PM CST

I am happy to have found your wonderful site! I have a pro-life page also it is on F.B., I received my hat today and I love it!! It is hard to find a good white hat and for such a woderful cause!

03-29-2012 9:43:14 AM CST
Thanks for all you do. God Bless

Katherine   pastorkathi@gmail.com
03-13-2012 6:55:48 PM CST

Tina, My brother in law, and your brother, Joe told me about your work. I praise God for what your doing! My husband and I have been married 27 years and worked with lots of wormen to allow them to give up their child for adoption rather than go through abortion. My daughter now works in adoptions. She graduated from UGA with her Masters and loves the work she does! We are all born again believers and this is near and dear to our hearts because it is near and dear to the Fathers heart! Looking forward to meeting you one day soon.

Katherine   pastorkathi@gmail.com
03-13-2012 6:51:56 PM CST

Tina, my brother in law Joe just told me about your work and your website. I worked in adoptions for years and now my oldrest daughter Jessica does that she graduated from UGA with her masters in social work and loves children!

Betty Hamrick ~Jackson County Baptist Church~   Hamrickb5@aol.com
02-05-2012 9:34:24 PM CST

Tina, thanks so much for visiting our church, your presentation was a blessing to us, God Bless you for all you do. I love this site it is wonderful!

10-13-2011 8:04:37 PM CST
Tina, I did not know that you had published your book. Congratulations! I can't come to the book signing Sat. Seems we have too much going on in my family right now. I would love to buy one and will come by the office sometime.

03-07-2011 10:20:13 PM CST
I thank you for makig this site. There are not alot of people in the world that will stand up to the world. You have really inspired me to try to make a diffrence. Thank you very much. God Bless You.

04-28-2010 8:24:16 PM CST
I love this site... I had a baby boy 6 months ago and im only 15 years old. I would never have an abortion... I would love to come to your studies. I would love that book also but i am so broke all the time. I love my baby boy and would never change that.

Louise   louisecaudell@gmail.com
02-20-2010 7:04:39 PM CST
Hi Tina, I had an awesome time today with all of the relatives. I'm glad to meet you and think you are doing something wonderful for our unheard children. Love the book and CD. Thanks, Louise Caudell

nicole stapler
02-18-2010 10:16:38 AM CST
wow thats so amazing just think a little over 4 yrs ago what i almost did and if it wasnt for you i would have and tina i am so thankful that we met when we did u are an angel from god elijah is doing great and hes a mommas boy ALL the way i love ya

Tiffany Robertson   Drobertson1960@aol.com
02-08-2010 5:44:26 PM CST
I am just so blessed to say that I have a beautiful baby boy that god has truly blessed me with!! I hope that everyone sees this and mainly the people that abortion has crossed their minds. He is amazing in every aspect. I love you Landon

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