Dear Father God

Dear Father God

Why is it that many of us

Your little children

Never get to be born

Grow up & be men or women?


Dear Father God

Could it be

That thing called free will

The choice of abortion

That gives them the right to kill?


Dear Father God

Your heart must break

When you see some choices

Your people make

Especially the ones

Where through abortion

Ours young lives they take


Dear Father God

It makes us so sad

That no one hears or sees

The thousand upon thousand

Of our unborn pleas


Dear Father God

We’re here with you now

And we understand

It’s the hearts of the people

You long to touch

Through your son Jesus

Who loves them so much


Dear Father God

How can we help?

What can we do?

We are so small

But we love them too!

Written & copyrighted by: Tina C. Brock - 2008